Find solace and support for your mental health journey through our Depression and Anxiety Therapy Find solace and support for your mental health journey through our Depression and Anxiety Therapy

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Claim your inner power. Your journey to inner harmony.

Specialized services designed to foster healing and connection. Are you prepared to embrace healing and find peace? Contact me today to start your journey.



Experience the transformation of depression therapy. Rediscover the joy of living with our personalized approach.

Conquer Anxiety

Regain control of your life with anxiety therapy. Find peace, confidence, and serenity amidst life's challenges.

Heal from Trauma

Our trauma therapy helps you heal from past wounds, creating a brighter, more hopeful future.

Overcome Stress and Burnout

Move forward in your best life with stress and burnout therapy. Reclaim your vitality and resilience.


Life can be hard. Whether you are caught in depression, anxiety, unhelpful patterns, or experiencing trauma, I can help.

Broken relationships with yourself and others are at the root of emotional pain. Connection is vital to healing and building resilience. There is nothing better than feeling understood.


Do you feel that you have a cloud hanging overhead that refuses to leave? The sense of low energy, hopelessness, and isolation? When one is depressed things feel meaningless. It can change how you sleep, eat, concentrate, and participate in your relationships. Unfortunately, depression impacts others, your friends, family, and co-workers.

I can help you learn to cope with the overwhelming feelings of sadness, depression, and isolation so you can take control of your life again.

Experience compassionate support on your journey to well-being with our Depression Counseling
Find relief from anxiety with Connect Psychology's compassionate Anxiety Counselling in Calgary


Are you familiar with the pounding in your chest when you can’t calm down? When it’s difficult to sleep, focus, hard to focus, and not easy to enjoy your time away from work. When your anxiety is difficult to control, the rest of our world is a burden. It can be unbearable. Many people experience anxiety daily. For some, anxiety moves from being a distraction to a sense of becoming overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Anxiety can be focused on a single aspect of life like your career, or relationships. Others experience the constant presence of anxiety which makes it difficult to enjoy your life. Sometimes, anxiety and depression are both present, circulating through bouts of high anxiety and times of feeling exhausted and isolated.

I can help you regain your focus and enjoyment of life. Together, I will treat your anxiety so that it doesn’t run your life.


Trauma is defined as a strong negative emotional reaction to a situation or a memory. Often it is thought of as a severe event such as being in an accident or a victim of crime. However, from a psychological perspective, it might also include other painful situations such as humiliation. For example, it might be when you were not able to read out loud in class. Or, it might be experiencing verbal aggression from a parent or partner. As a result, trauma can be difficult to self-diagnose while having negative effects on your mental health.

Experience healing and support through Trauma Counselling in Calgary at Connect Psychology
Rediscover balance and well-being with Stress and Burnout Counselling in Calgary at Connect Psychology

Stress and Burn Out

Stress is the body’s response to being put under pressure from stressors. Chronic unresolved stress impacts the way you think, feel, and behave. Chronic stress can lead to insomnia, relationship problems, health problems, burnout, addictions, career and life dissatisfaction. So, the sooner you learn the skills to master your stress the better. Treatment includes helping you minimize the things in your life causing you stress (if possible) and teaching you techniques to manage the unhelpful thinking that contributes to stress, manage the symptoms of stress itself, and reversing any unhelpful behaviours that may be keeping you in a stress cycle. Finding a plan to cope with stress makes life much easier.


Connect Psychology is here to help. The world is a small place these days. With phone, and encrypted online video sessions through the platform, you can be supported wherever you are in Alberta.

My goal is to keep counselling accessible and help you safe, comfortable and at ease. I am trained in offering treatment through technological means. Telepsychology has been proven to be as effective as in-person sessions and has consistently equally positive feedback as face-to-face sessions. Some clients prefer online counselling and don’t wish to return to my treatment room. It is convenient and confidential.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being through Online Counselling at Connect Psychology
Elevate your professional growth with Clinical Supervision at Connect Psychology

Clinical Supervision

I am an approved College of Alberta Psychologists’ Supervisor. I help Provisional Psychologists who are in the process of completing their licensure and do not have an on-site supervisor. During supervision I will focus on your goals, skill development, case consultation, and observations to grow your confidence and competence as a psychologist.

Counselling is a blend of art and science which requires practice and instincts. Supervision provides support and feedback. Together we will build your skills to expand your theoretical orientation, discuss the process of counselling, and apply interventions. I will also help you develop your instincts by encouraging your self-awareness and self-reflection.

Feel free to reach out to chat more about your supervision needs.

Connect Psychology offers in person services to clients from Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Bragg Creek, Okotoks, Priddis, and Chestermere. Online counselling services are available to clients from all of Alberta.