Trauma has many forms. It may be one incident: an accident, observing violence or an unexpected loss. Or, it may be prolonged exposure to abuse or other emotionally harmful environments. When these experiences overwhelm peoples’ ability to cope it can provoke reactions such as silencing, isolation, fear, nightmares, flashbacks, difficulty concentrating, sadness and shame. It can also lead to feelings of being out of control and the desire to numb negative feelings through the use of substances or other activities.

Trauma disturbs peoples’ sense of self as it prompts people to question their physical and emotional safety along with destroying their sense of trust. The aftermath of trauma upsets relationships when support is needed the most. Although it is natural to want to retreat during times of adversity, connecting with others in a supportive environment is vital to healing.

For people who have lived through trauma taking the step to begin therapy takes courage. When you have been hurt the idea of trusting someone can be daunting. At Connect Psychology you will be provided with a safe place where you will be met with respect and compassion. This will provide the necessary environment to process your trauma while allowing you to stay connected to the security of the present moment. Trauma is resolved as the memories, or effects, of the event have stopped causing you to feel upset or disturbed. As you heal you will develop positive coping strategies, restore your self-esteem and discover new ways to enjoy your life.


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