Self-esteem refers to one’s overall evaluation of their worth. It encompasses beliefs, such as “I am competent,” emotions such as joy along with healthy behaviours such as setting realistic expectations and perseverance. A healthy sense of self-esteem allows you to live life with confidence and optimism which is necessary for reaching your goals.

A healthy self-esteem affords you the belief that you deserve to be happy. It also increases your capacity to act toward other individuals with respect and goodwill. This fosters satisfying relationships. People with higher self-esteem are generally more outgoing, expressive and trusting of themselves and others. As a result, enhancing your self-esteem is expanding your capacity for happiness.

If you have low self-esteem you understand how deeply it influences your work, relationships and fulfillment in life. A poor self-esteem negatively impacts your view of yourself which leads to discomfort in social settings, poor relationships and a lack of confidence which may result in diminished performance, productivity or creativity. Low self-esteem is also an indicator of depression. If you think negatively of yourself Connect Psychology can help you create positive change by feeling good about yourself, uncovering your true desires and potential, becoming more assertive and helping you take charge of your life.


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