Benefits of Counseling

Training as a psychologist provides for the understanding of personal difficulties more fully than an untrained individual. It also supplies the psychologists with methods of communicating this understanding in a helpful manner. Unlike a friendship, the psychologist is a neutral party whose focus is helping you achieve your goals.

Participating in counselling, or therapy, is beneficial. Whether it is counselling for commonplace struggles in everyday living or therapy for serious life-altering events, it is known to work. One of the largest surveys on the benefits of therapy was conducted by Consumer Reports in 1994. Out of the 4100 people that engaged in mental health services, most reported it was significantly helpful.

What are the benefits of therapy?

For many people it is helpful to know that someone understands you. Therapy can also provide a fresh perspective to assist you in resolving difficult problems and direct you towards a solution. Some of the benefits include:

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